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The concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) was an innovative solution introduced several years ago as a means for companies to have recurring access to the programs that make their business operate more efficiently. SaaS enabled companies to pay for these expenses from their operating budgets and greatly reduced capital expenditures and one-time investments, allowing them to use those resources on other elements of their business.

Advances in cloud-based technology have revolutionized access control systems, enabling them to now be offered as a service, too.

Using the cloud, you can secure your business with a state-of-the-art access control system - whether you have one door at a single location or dozens across multiple sites - for a low monthly fee per door.

Lower the Upfront Investment


Lower the Upfront InvestmentBy reducing the equipment required onsite, ACaaS enables your business to install a state-of-the-art access control system at a fraction of the initial investment. Use your capital for your business and your customers instead of your infrastructure.

Eliminate Servers and Improve Cyber Security


Eliminate Servers and Improve Cyber SecurityHosted in the cloud, there is no local hardware or software to maintain, reducing the burden on your IT staff. IPS will routinely modernize the system and add features automatically, all without having to constantly upgrade your hardware to handle the computing load. Cyber security is improved as the software is regularly updated with the latest patches.

Mobile Solutions Makes Administration Easier


Mobile Solutions Make Administration EasierMobility is a priority with ACaaS. This cloud-based solution lets you manage multiple facilities in one powerful app 24/7/365. System administrators can use the secure mobile app to view cameras and door openings and closings as well as track employees' actions and update their user profiles and pictures. You can also unlock doors - from anywhere, anytime. Your employees can even use their smartphones as credentials, replacing the need for fobs and badges.

IPS All Access
The All-Inclusive Option for Securing Your Facility

IPS All Access is the all-inclusive package for a company that also wants a trusted partner in their building security. This option enables your business to have a customizable, scalable, and easy-to-use service. Whether you have a single door at one facility or dozens across multiple sites, IPS All Access provides the flexibility to make changes to users, access rights, schedules, and more with relative ease.

These features plus knowing you have a partner in IPS make IPS All Access the easy choice for your security needs - all for low monthly fee per door.

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