Integrated Protection Services


At IPS, we design and install flexible systems that allow you to monitor ongoing operations and enable your staff to move easily throughout their day.

Custom-Built Access Control

You can choose to control access for the entire facility or specified areas, limit access to areas by date/time and individual cardholder, and even control access to elevators and parking facilities. We offer the first access control solution to employ secure, wireless, wide-area networking for single, multiple and even remote facilities and doors.

Powerful, Yet Simple to Use

A graphical user interface makes the system easy to use and your system can be integrated with a video surveillance system or tied into a proprietary monitoring station or central station services for additional versatility. Operators can remotely arm and test from the central station to help manage the security process.

Support for Multiple Access Technologies

Our open systems support all card technologies, including proximity, smart card, magnetic strip, bar codes, photo badges, video badges and multiple functionality cards.

The Best Digital Technology

You can choose local or wide area network connectivity, as well as Windows®, Unix® or Linux® operating systems. And web-hosted access control gives you Internet-based monitoring and control of who enters your facilities.

Our Access Control Systems allow you to:

  • Limit access to resources, facilities and data
  • Log and report staff activities
  • Enforce business, privacy and security policies
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory and industry standards
  • Reduce administrative time and effort generating reports related to employee activities
  • Reduce liability through the control of traffic flow
  • Provide an audit trail of business hours with opening and closing reports
  • Monitor activity with up-to-the-minute tracking of persons entering and exiting specified areas
  • Automatically monitor and report entrance by unauthorized persons
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Access Control Systems in Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio
Access Control Systems in Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio
Access Control Systems in Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio

Access Control Systems in Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio